Dirt Devil – Exorcism

I absolutely adore this commercial. When I first saw this, at the beginning, I was really confused as to what the ad is for… but then, well, I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, the outcome of the ad is absolutely brilliant and unexpected.


MTV – Bird

I don’t believe that this ad is really good. I mean… I just find it funny and that is all that can be said about it. That kid looks like a loser and well, the bird really agrees with that.

Ad agency: La Comunidad, Buenos Aires

Mercedes-Benz – Hippie

We all know that fathers can be incredibly overprotective of their daughters. That is a rule and they always tend to think that the guy she is seeing isn’t good enough. This is a nice and funny way of showing the fact that the new Mercedes-Benz are eco-friendly.

Ad agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin

IBCC – Excuses

Well, this is true. If you don’t get yourself checked and find excuses, cancer evolves and it grows. And in this ad you see every word, every thing you might say not to get an exam, gather and form a bigger and bigger tumor. 

Ad agency: Ogilvy, São Paulo

Heinz Salad Cream – Super Gran

We all know that grandmother that is always a genius in the kitchen and her food looks like a dream. Well, Heinz suggests that this is their work and that their Salad Cream is the greatest thing in the world. It takes mediocre looking food turn into a wonderful delight for all of the senses. I think it’s funny how she sees her husband and then grabs the cream.

Ad agency: AMV BBDO, London

Greenpeace – Coal Story

‘Coal takes more than it gives’ is the most impressive tagline ever used by Greenpeace. This advert is here for the lovely animation and illustration that it has. It tells a story of a man using coal and it making cities bloom and blossom. However, it gets to a point when it is going to be overused and it starts destroying the things it gave. But the cycle starts over and over again.

Ad agency: Ogilvy, Beijing