Playland – Revolving Restaurant

The Playland ‘Revolving Restaurant’ commercial is great. I truly adore the fact that a so-called former Playland employee comes and turns the whole Revolving Restaurant into a ride.

Ad agency: Rethink, Vancouver


Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires

Need I say more about this advert? It’s incredible. You can tell that yourself. It’s the ghosts of Curt Cobain, Freddie Mercury and Elvis still on earth. ‘They never left.’ And they will also live forever through the music that they did.

Ad agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires


Imperial War Museum

(2007) This ad is a lovely idea. What better to have for a military exhibit than camouflage posters? The thing is I don’t know how much attention they would attract. However, I think they are really tasteful and appropriate. Just a small camouflage word written is great.

Ad agency: Ogilvy Group UK, London


Leily Travel

(2009) Leily Travel offers cheap travel for students. That is why they took out a page out of a notebook and they placed it so that it would look like a train.

Ad agency: TBWA\Central Asia, Astana, Kazakhstan