AE Investimentos Surrealistic Campaign


Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo

Yeah, so this is a campaign that caught my interest due to the illustration that it has. Sure, who isn’t a fool for surrealistic art, huh? I love Salvador Dali and Magritte and all of their very interesting ‘colleagues’ that performed in the art scene of the time. About this advert I can only say that the idea is interesting. The artwork does make everything more interesting, of course. You don’t want to get lost in the ‘weird’ world of investments, right? If you ask me, though, I would very much like to get into a surrealistic world whenever given the opportunity. Maybe not when money is concerned…


Spuk Stock Photos

‘See the unseen’

They used some iconic images, like the Beatles crossing Abbey Road and Marilyn Monroe’s dress flying – but they offered a different view on it, so basically the are suggesting the fact that they are bringing something new to the industry of stock imagery.



Berlitz Language School – Monsters

This ad shows you that sometimes you really need to know a certain foreign language, be it for a job, socializing with new people or well, negotiating with a monster. So hey, what would you do if a Japanese speaking monster would come over and attack you?

Ad agency: Grey, Frankfurt am Main


Boondoggle – 5 Cannes Lions

Advertising agencies surely have a sense of humor. So that’s why Boondoggle went to some different places to tell them whether they are gold. Well, they’re not made out of that and even though they are five they wouldn’t probably get too much money off them. I love the line at the end with the fact that they are the proud winners of five yellow copper lions, seeing that’s what they’re made out of.

Ad agency: Boondoggle, Leuven, Belgium

HP & US Post

I think that this advert is absolutely brilliant. It’s almost in the same idea as the one I’ve just posted for Toys ‘R’ Us. No body will stop the post to get to its destination because of the fact that they’re using HP, not the weather, not even a giant robot.

Ad agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

FedEx – Alien

This is simple. This is amusing. This is great. It’s so obvious that that man is an alien that this doesn’t even need commentary. However, he is great as his job because he always suggests that they use FedEx (the only line he says anyway).

Ad agency: BBDO, New York