WWF Endangered Species


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai

This is a great advert, especially when it comes to its art direction. It takes different endangered species and it makes them out of drawings of cities and anything that constitutes the urban life. ‘Our life at the cost of theirs’ is a great tagline for this advert.


Shelter Cards Houses


Agency: Leo Burnett, London

This ad is incredibly serious. It is about the fact that houses are being repossessed and they are represented as a house made out of cards. Houses are usually regarded as something reliable, they aren’t going anywhere… However, they might not be in your possession if you don’t pay taxes, bills and so forth. Cards castles can fall at every movement. They represented this very artfully through these images.


(2007) Wonderful advert. This is making people sing against global warming and as they do, the pen runs out of color… It looks exactly like a thermometer in which the warmth goes down every time someone signs.

Ad agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Makati City, Philippines


Environment Waikato

This advert is both shocking and incredible at the same time. What would be worse than seeing a kid smashed on your window. This looks impressive and it’s a very good use of windshields adverts. It drags a point across.

Ad agency: Conlenso BBDO, Auckland