Aids Walk Toronto

This advert is a really good example of finding things that are there and that look like something else. The Aids Walk is a method of raising awareness of HIV. So yes, the sock looks a lot like a condom because that’s what they wanted to enforce – using a condom prevents the spreading of the disease.

Ad agency: Publicis, Toronto



Canadian Film Center Festival Campaign

The Canadian Film Center is advertising their Short Film Festival through these two short TV commercials. This suggests that if you have a short attention span, then this festivals are for you. This is why they show two men in different situations that wouldn’t exactly make you look somewhere else.

Ad agency: doug agency, Toronto

River North Dance Company

Yeah, so I just adore the look of these ads. It is incredible. It revolves around the idea that these dancer’s bodies move because of the whole mechanics of it. And why wouldn’t it be exactly like a factory?

Ad agency: Y&R, Chicago


California Coastal Commission

(2007) These ads for the California Coastal Commission is a great example of photo manipulation. They want to promote a Cleanup Day to get rid of the garbage on the beach. They created animals out of what you usually find thrown on the beach.

Ad agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco