Stamps Unlimited

I just think that this advert is superb. Why? Well, there’s a stamp with the band Kiss and a lot of hands that look like the crowd gathered around to see them. Not exactly what you’d expect for a stamp advert.

Ad agency: BBDO, Atlanta


Planet M space design

This isn’t really advertising, but it’s design so I said why not. This is a great way to organize a space be it a library or a media library. The adventure movies are somewhere up high, where only people that want adventures can climb and get them, the musicals look like a piano keyboard and the kung fu films are lined up just so they make the bookcase look like a wood plate that people would break in that kind of film.

Agency: Ambience Publicis, Mumbai


(2009) Great Duracell ad. This shows banners and posters with lost toys – they are battery based – because they never stopped moving.

Ad agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo

Endless Pain Tattoo & Piercing Studio

(2002) This is purely graphic design, but it is also a promotional material for a Tattoo & Piercing Studio. They used the staples in the brochures they did so that it looks like they are piercing random parts of human bodies (that are printed on the pages). This is ingenious and a very good idea. I’m not that insane about the name about the name of the studio. I mean who would really go to get a tattoo (which is already known for being really painful) in a place that is named Endless Pain?