Class 95 FM – Remembering George Harrison

(2002) This is a great tribute to the great George Harrison. Radio Classic 95 FM used a great idea. They identified that a white pick looks exactly like a teardrop, so it seems that the guitar is crying because it lost one of its greatest masters.

Ad agency: Dentsu, Young & Rubicam, Singapore




Singapore Cable Vision

This is incredibly simple. They are a TV station. They are showing the French Open. What is a very well known French icon? The Eiffel Tower. Is there a witty way of showing that without actually having a photo of the tower in the ad? Sure there is…



Bang Goes The Theory

I love these ads for the fact that they are great graphic design examples. The typography is great and also, the illustrations look great. Also, I think that they are appropriate for what they want to show.

Ad agency: Red Bee Media, London


MTV – Bird

I don’t believe that this ad is really good. I mean… I just find it funny and that is all that can be said about it. That kid looks like a loser and well, the bird really agrees with that.

Ad agency: La Comunidad, Buenos Aires

Silver Snail Comics

This is an ad for a comic shop. I love how these look and well, they are actually asking pertinent and good questions about superhero comics that probably popped in all of our heads, at one point.

Ad agency: Bensimon Byrne, Toronto