Sunlight Dishwashing Soap


Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg

This ad is interesting cause it exaggerates how long the dishwashing soap lasts. I love the way that the man becomes bald in the time that you use a bottle of it. Or you could solve a rubics cube. You know how long those last.


Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner


Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt am Main

This is so funny it made me laugh for a long period of time after the fist time that I saw it. The brilliance of it is that the vacuum cleaner looks in its right place in the middle of nature and has caught a duck. Sure, the qualities of this are highly exaggerated, but it is so nice that it doesn’t matter.

Extratapete Beautiful Walls of Berlin

The ‘Beautiful Walls of Berlin’ campaign is for Extratapete, which is used for beautiful inside walls that give your house a special look. It looks incredible that they did this. They covered the walls full of graffiti with tapete and did a great thing, just made the walls more beautiful.

Ad agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin


Ed Wusthof

This is a great use of magazine pages for advertising. They say that their knives can cut really, really thin slices of basically anything, from meat to cheese. That’s why they printed the material on the both sides and it’s supposed to be cut with the Ed Wusthof knives. And they look great.

Ad agency: Springer & Jacoby Werbung, Hamburg

Ikea – Dubbed Husband

This commercial shows how, whatever might happen and how wrong it is, everything will be better in an Ikea kitchen. The man in the ad is bitching about his work and the woman only hears a dubbed voice over her husband’s that tells her whatever she wants to hear.

Ad agency: zig, Toronto


This is a great ad for dish cleaning detergent. It just shows you how much and how many things go into the recipe and how much cleaning liquid you need to use (which is always a teaspoon). I love the layout for this, as it looks incredibly well thought of.

Ad agency: Lowe, Jakarta


Medal Paints

This is one of my favorite ads for paint. It takes a simple outline of an object and makes you use your imagination. Depending on the color it has, it will obviously have a different purpose. 

Ad agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg