Kit Kat Bench


Agency: JWT, London

I am fully aware of the fact that everyone that has internet access probably knows this image. However, it had to get here one time or another, considering it is such a brilliant piece of ambient media. Have a break, sit on the bench made out of the product… It serves its purpose perfectly.


Heinz Chilli Flavored Ketchup


Agency: AMV BBDO, London

I find this ad impressive because I didn’t get it when I first saw it. Sure, chillies are hot, but what does the image have to do with that? Well, at a closer look at the image you realize that the hotdog could serve as a thermometer… And it is showing high temperatures. Brilliant!

Heinz Garlic Ketchup


Agency: AMV BBDO, London

This is a widely known fact about garlic. No matter how much you like the taste of it, the smell of it on someone’s breath brings you repulsion. So this is showing a simple table setting and the person that is going to eat the garlic flavored ketchup is sitting far away from the others… There is no need for people, because the idea gets through rather well without them.


Dr Oetker Carrot Cake


Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf

This is one of my all time favorite ads. Why? It is simple. They took one of the benefits of eating carrots and used it in their advantage. It is told that carrots improve your eyesight, so they just made the eye blurry, so everyone that sees it stops to think about whether there is actually a problem with their eyes or the ads is like that.

Canele Chocolate Patisserie

“Equally sweet. Equally dark.” You see little children playing around nicely, but that is just on the first look. If you look better you will see them making voodoo dolls or writing 666 out of blocks.

Ad agency: JWT, Singapore


Heinz Salad Cream – Super Gran

We all know that grandmother that is always a genius in the kitchen and her food looks like a dream. Well, Heinz suggests that this is their work and that their Salad Cream is the greatest thing in the world. It takes mediocre looking food turn into a wonderful delight for all of the senses. I think it’s funny how she sees her husband and then grabs the cream.

Ad agency: AMV BBDO, London

Delicatessen Kafer – Easter

Now, without intention, this is an Easter advert. I think that this is incredibly funny. We can see two chocolate rabbits talking and well, one cannot hear, seeing that he doesn’t have ears any more.

Ad agency: .start, Munich