Mercedes-Benz – Hippie

We all know that fathers can be incredibly overprotective of their daughters. That is a rule and they always tend to think that the guy she is seeing isn’t good enough. This is a nice and funny way of showing the fact that the new Mercedes-Benz are eco-friendly.

Ad agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin


Audi Q5 – Bicycle

The way that this is filmed is absolutely brilliant. I also love that they’re suggesting that an Audi Q5 would be as easy to maneuver in town as a bicycle.

Ad agency: Ogilvy, Tokyo

Audi – Economy

The animation here is incredible. I love how you see the light bulbs on the street, driving like cars. And then, there’s the new Audi which has the new technology that makes it more environmentally friendly.

Ad agency: BBH, London

Smart Ambient Media

I just love how they used the environment and the paint of the car to make such an incredible thing. They used the small car, painted it in a certain way and used the text to send a message. This is incredibly well thought about. Having a Smart car in front of Toys’R’Us with the words ‘Batteries included’ is an absolute move of genius. The one in the pier is great as well and has the best Titanic reference ever. The other one I don’t like that much, but the paint on it is divine.

Ad agency: The Jupited Drawing Room, Johannesburg

Smart Fits Anywhere

As explained on the image that I am going to post, Smart cars fit absolutely anywhere. They’re easy to park and quite small, so they decided to make a really small advert and fitted it in impossible spaces… 

Ad agency: Contrapunto, Madrid


Smart Surprisingly Spacious

Apparently small cars have had really good adverts in this particular year (2004, I think), so here will come a row of Smart adverts that have surprisingly caught my eye, as I don’t really enjoy car adverts that much. This is great though. These are three parasols that have the words ‘Surprisingly spacious’ on them and then show you the inside of the car – that looks a lot bigger than the actual thing. The cars look small, but all Smart owners probably think otherwise: it’s exactly what they need.

Ad agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg