Kit Kat Bench


Agency: JWT, London

I am fully aware of the fact that everyone that has internet access probably knows this image. However, it had to get here one time or another, considering it is such a brilliant piece of ambient media. Have a break, sit on the bench made out of the product… It serves its purpose perfectly.


Environment Waikato

This advert is both shocking and incredible at the same time. What would be worse than seeing a kid smashed on your window. This looks impressive and it’s a very good use of windshields adverts. It drags a point across.

Ad agency: Conlenso BBDO, Auckland


The Economist

These are some stunt ads and some not so traditional types of adverts for The Economist. I think they are brilliant like everything they do.

Ad agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore

Ad agency for ‘The Economist messenger’: Ogilvy & Mather RSTM, Johannesburg

Smart Ambient Media

I just love how they used the environment and the paint of the car to make such an incredible thing. They used the small car, painted it in a certain way and used the text to send a message. This is incredibly well thought about. Having a Smart car in front of Toys’R’Us with the words ‘Batteries included’ is an absolute move of genius. The one in the pier is great as well and has the best Titanic reference ever. The other one I don’t like that much, but the paint on it is divine.

Ad agency: The Jupited Drawing Room, Johannesburg

Responsible Young Drivers

Yeah, so I know that you can’t really mess with zebra crossings, but I think that this looks impressive. At first sight they really look like plain white stripes, but then when you look closer you can see that that isn’t completely so: they’re bodies covered with white sheets. Although I think that they wouldn’t really distract drivers, you could only see it as a pedestrian.

Mini car box

Minis do look a little bit as toy cars. That’s why they place them on the street with little boxes – and I say little boxes widely, but you know, they were actual sized cars on the street. I think this looks great.

Ad agency: TBWA, Singapore