Goldstar Beer – It’s easy to be a man


Agency: McCann Erickson, Tel Aviv

It’s easy to be a man. Women have so many choices when it comes to getting dressed, there is an entire ritual of going to the toilets in bars or restaurants and the whole dating scene has way more depth for them. Men are simple. This is what the advertisers tried to say through this incredibly amusing print ad. It’s a case of you either like it or hate it, but I think that it’s incredible.


Budweiser Light – Lyrics

The dimension of this advert is absolutely huge! I just think this is impressive. I mean, the funds needed for filming this must have been really big. I really love this commercial for the way it looks and for the fact that they actually are showing you what the song says. The song is superb, as well.

Ad agency: DDB, London

Stella Artois

This is not a very well known Stella Artois advert, but it is continuing the well known ‘Reassuringly expensive’ campaign. The images here just show you what you would throw out in order to make room for a barrel of beer that you love (caviar and other expensive food).

Ad agency: Lowe, London


Dos Equis – Ice Fishing

(2010) Well, this ad has gone rather viral so I thought I’d just post it. Basically men that drink Dos Equis are the most interesting men in the world, or so this ad says. The more interesting thing is that the end line “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do it’s usually Dos Equis” and the photo of the man has become a very well known internet meme. Everyone knows about it, although they might not know this particular commercial. And well, overall, this ad is also very funny.

Ad agency: Euro RSCG, New York

Guinness Extra Cold

(2002) Guinness are well known for the fact that their beer is black and white. So it is only natural that they would exploit this quality in their ads. So, this ads show how cold it is (extra cold) and has things that you would normally find in places that are cold. Also, the white foam that forms at the top of the pint glass is made to look like ice.

Ad agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO