Packaging design



Spuk Stock Photos

‘See the unseen’

They used some iconic images, like the Beatles crossing Abbey Road and Marilyn Monroe’s dress flying – but they offered a different view on it, so basically the are suggesting the fact that they are bringing something new to the industry of stock imagery.



Class 95 FM – Remembering George Harrison

(2002) This is a great tribute to the great George Harrison. Radio Classic 95 FM used a great idea. They identified that a white pick looks exactly like a teardrop, so it seems that the guitar is crying because it lost one of its greatest masters.

Ad agency: Dentsu, Young & Rubicam, Singapore




(2007) Wonderful advert. This is making people sing against global warming and as they do, the pen runs out of color… It looks exactly like a thermometer in which the warmth goes down every time someone signs.

Ad agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Makati City, Philippines


Environment Waikato

This advert is both shocking and incredible at the same time. What would be worse than seeing a kid smashed on your window. This looks impressive and it’s a very good use of windshields adverts. It drags a point across.

Ad agency: Conlenso BBDO, Auckland


Singapore Cable Vision

This is incredibly simple. They are a TV station. They are showing the French Open. What is a very well known French icon? The Eiffel Tower. Is there a witty way of showing that without actually having a photo of the tower in the ad? Sure there is…