Packaging design



Dirt Devil – Exorcism

I absolutely adore this commercial. When I first saw this, at the beginning, I was really confused as to what the ad is for… but then, well, I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, the outcome of the ad is absolutely brilliant and unexpected.

Spuk Stock Photos

‘See the unseen’

They used some iconic images, like the Beatles crossing Abbey Road and Marilyn Monroe’s dress flying – but they offered a different view on it, so basically the are suggesting the fact that they are bringing something new to the industry of stock imagery.



Class 95 FM – Remembering George Harrison

(2002) This is a great tribute to the great George Harrison. Radio Classic 95 FM used a great idea. They identified that a white pick looks exactly like a teardrop, so it seems that the guitar is crying because it lost one of its greatest masters.

Ad agency: Dentsu, Young & Rubicam, Singapore




(2007) Wonderful advert. This is making people sing against global warming and as they do, the pen runs out of color… It looks exactly like a thermometer in which the warmth goes down every time someone signs.

Ad agency: BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Makati City, Philippines


Environment Waikato

This advert is both shocking and incredible at the same time. What would be worse than seeing a kid smashed on your window. This looks impressive and it’s a very good use of windshields adverts. It drags a point across.

Ad agency: Conlenso BBDO, Auckland


Singapore Cable Vision

This is incredibly simple. They are a TV station. They are showing the French Open. What is a very well known French icon? The Eiffel Tower. Is there a witty way of showing that without actually having a photo of the tower in the ad? Sure there is…