Canele Chocolate Patisserie

“Equally sweet. Equally dark.” You see little children playing around nicely, but that is just on the first look. If you look better you will see them making voodoo dolls or writing 666 out of blocks.

Ad agency: JWT, Singapore



Berlitz Language School – Monsters

This ad shows you that sometimes you really need to know a certain foreign language, be it for a job, socializing with new people or well, negotiating with a monster. So hey, what would you do if a Japanese speaking monster would come over and attack you?

Ad agency: Grey, Frankfurt am Main


Bang Goes The Theory

I love these ads for the fact that they are great graphic design examples. The typography is great and also, the illustrations look great. Also, I think that they are appropriate for what they want to show.

Ad agency: Red Bee Media, London


MTV – Bird

I don’t believe that this ad is really good. I mean… I just find it funny and that is all that can be said about it. That kid looks like a loser and well, the bird really agrees with that.

Ad agency: La Comunidad, Buenos Aires

Mercedes-Benz – Hippie

We all know that fathers can be incredibly overprotective of their daughters. That is a rule and they always tend to think that the guy she is seeing isn’t good enough. This is a nice and funny way of showing the fact that the new Mercedes-Benz are eco-friendly.

Ad agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin